8 Best Earbuds For Bike Riding in 2024 (Motorcycle)

Amidst the thrilling realm of motorcycle riding, choosing the ideal gear takes precedence. Among these essentials, earbuds have emerged as vital companions, offering safety and entertainment in one.

This guide explores the realm of the Best Earbuds for Bike Riding for 2024 showcasing options that unite precision engineering, audio excellence, and rider-centric features.

From seamless connectivity to noise isolation, join us in discovering best earbuds for motorcycle ride that redefine the intersection of music, communication, and the open road.

Things To Consider:

When searching for earbuds suitable for bike riding, several crucial factors deserve attention for best bluetooth earbuds use on motorbike:

  • Firstly, prioritize safety by opting for earbuds that allow ambient sounds to filter through, ensuring you remain aware of your surroundings.
  • A secure and comfortable fit is essential to prevent earbuds from dislodging during your ride. Look for features like water and sweat resistance to withstand varying weather conditions.
  • Seamless connectivity and user-friendly controls ensure distraction-free operation.
  • Finally, consider battery life to guarantee uninterrupted enjoyment throughout your ride.

Let’s review the motorcycle helmet earphones.

Best Earbuds For Bike Riding in 2024 (Motorcycle)

ExceptionalJabraElite 85tSEE ON AMAZON
Top BestBeatsPowerbeats Pro wirelessSEE ON AMAZON
BestMarshallMotif True WirelessSEE ON AMAZON
BudgetBoseSoundSportSEE ON AMAZON
GoodJLabEpic Air SportSEE ON AMAZON
GoodJabraElite 7 ProSEE ON AMAZON
Versatile Use for Various activitiesTREBLABX3 ProSEE ON AMAZON
Low Budget and Just Average.SAMSUNGGalaxy Buds LiveSEE ON AMAZON

Best earbuds for riding motorcycle with or without Helmet

Jabra (Image credit: Amazon)

1. Jabra


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Review: Jabra Elite 85t

In the world of auditory marvels, the Jabra Elite 85t stands as the ultimate companion for riders seeking an extraordinary sonic journey.

These wireless earbuds redefine the benchmarks of excellence, marrying cutting-edge technology with an unwavering commitment to pristine calls and music experiences.

Jabra’s Advanced Active Noise Cancellation technology ushers in a new era of sound manipulation.

Whether you’re immersing in your ride or craving the sounds of your surroundings, the intuitive Jabra Sound app lets you seamlessly toggle between ANC and the HearThrough mode, offering you unparalleled control.

From the very first call, the power of 6-mic technology and wind protection becomes evident, granting crystal-clear conversations regardless of your location.

The 12mm speakers add to this auditory euphoria, delivering a symphony of bass and sound quality that defies their compact design.

Championing longevity, the Elite 85t delivers up to 5.5 hours of uninterrupted usage with ANC engaged, backed by an additional 25 hours from the Qi-certified charging case.

An ingenious magnetic design ensures secure storage and effortless charging.

Final Verdict: Jabra Elite 85t

This Earbud is perfect for use with helmet, and use without helmet is dependent on the track condition an speed.

Beyond enhancing your ride, these earbuds redefine personalization through MyControls and MySound, adjusting button functions and tailoring music to your auditory profile.

Seamlessly compatible with virtual assistants, these earbuds aren’t just an accessory; they’re a journey into the heart of unrivaled sound.

Virtual assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa are voice-activated tools integrated into these earbuds, offering hands-free control over various functions without needing to take your hands off the handlebars or your focus off the road.

While riding, these virtual assistants can be immensely helpful in multiple ways:

  1. Navigation: You can ask for directions, check your route, and even reroute without having to stop or pull out your phone.This is particularly useful when navigating unfamiliar paths or trying to find the quickest route.
  2. Communication: Send messages, make calls, or answer calls without needing to reach for your phone. This ensures you stay connected while keeping your hands on the handlebars.
  3. Music Control: Adjust your music playlist, change tracks, or adjust the volume without interrupting your ride. This keeps you in the groove without compromising safety.
  4. Weather Updates: Stay informed about weather conditions or any potential changes in weather that might impact your ride.
  5. Reminders: Set reminders for appointments, tasks, or any other important events, helping you manage your schedule while on the go.
  6. Voice Search: Quickly find information about nearby places, cafes, gas stations, or any other points of interest without needing to type on your phone.
  7. Safety: In case of an emergency, you can use the virtual assistant to call for help or access emergency services without fumbling with your phone.


Beats (Image credit: Amazon)

2. Beats

Top Best


✓ best earbuds for riding motorcycle without helmet OR with helmet.

✓ Produces quality audio.

✓ Comfortable in-ear fit.

✓ Highly User-friendly control scheme.


✗ IPX4: low IP Rating as compared but price and other features make it superior.

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Review 👀: Powerbeats Pro

The Beats Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds stand as an exceptional choice for motorcycle riding, combining stellar features for both safety and performance.

Engineered with a reinforced design, they exhibit sweat and water resistanceideal for intense workouts and unpredictable weather on the road.

The adjustable, secure-fit earhooks ensure comfort and stability during extended rides.

Beyond riding, these earbuds excel in various tasks due to their versatile features. With up to 9 hours of listening time (extendable to over 24 hours with the charging case), they accompany you on long journeys.

Furthermore, their Fast Fuel feature provides 1.5 hours of playback with just a 5-minute charge, ideal for quick top-ups during breaks.

The headphones turn off automatically when you put them in the case. They also go to sleep mode if you leave them on a table.

The dynamic sound quality, noise isolation, and balanced sound signature enhance music, podcasts, and calls.

Intuitive controls on each earbud allow for volume adjustment, track switching, and voice capability, enabling seamless interaction without compromising safety.

The extended Bluetooth range minimizes dropouts, ensuring continuous connectivity.

Notably, these earbuds demonstrate remarkable call performance and handling, enhancing communication while riding.

Final Verdict 🔍: Powerbeats Pro

In comparison to other Beats headphones, Powerbeats Pro stand out with their wireless design and secure fit for active pursuits like biking.

They excel in tasks like hands-free calls, Google Maps navigation, and voice assistants like Alexa, enhancing safety and convenience while riding.

The integration of voice assistants like Alexa offers a hands-free solution for various tasks.

Riders can inquire about weather updates, traffic conditions, or even control their smart home devices while on the go.

If you’re already using Apple devices, it’s worth thinking about the Beats because they come with an H1 chip that makes connecting to iOS devices really easy.

With top qualities and performance in microphone, google assistant, noice isolation, water resistance, durability and price;

These earbuds seamlessly blend functionality with an active lifestyle, making them essential companions for motorcycle enthusiasts.

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Marshall (Image credit: Amazon)

3. Marshall



✓ Preset list of EQ (Rock, Spoken, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Electronic)

✓ Touch Controls.

✓ A.N.C Level is Just Outstands every Earbud.


✗ You Can’t Customize EQ.

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Review👀: Marshall Motif

Unleash an audio spectacle with the Marshall Motif True Wireless earbuds, redefining the way you experience music during your bike rides and motorcycle escapades.

These earbuds encapsulate the essence of auditory brilliance, offering a bespoke listening adventure through personalized active noise cancellation and Transparency modes that adapt to your preferences.

Tailored for sports and personal use, these earbuds boast a secure fit with three ear-tip sizes that not only enhance comfort but also create an immersive sonic panorama.

Reliability meets convenience with substantial playtime and wireless charging. Each earbud generously provides 4.5 hours of playtime with full A.N.C., while the portable charging case elevates the total to an impressive 20 hours on a single charge.

The iconic Marshall sound signature takes center stage, housed within a resilient yet sleek design. Engineered with an IPX5-rated earbud and IPX4-rated charging case, these earbuds thrive in various weather conditions.

Effortless mastery over your audio experience is at your fingertips, courtesy of touch-sensitive earbuds that empower you to orchestrate your music and calls seamlessly.

Final Verdict 🔍 : Marshall Motif

In its resounding audio prowess, sophisticated design, and ingenious features, the Marshall Motif True Wireless earbuds are honored with our prestigious “Sonic Voyager” award.

Whether you’re chasing the horizon or taking a moment to unwind, these earbuds ensure every beat resonates in harmony with your journey.

This earbud is perfect to be used without helmet, if you use it with helmet it is not much uncomfortable but prolonged use like 2 hours it will pressurize your around ear skin,

However 2 hours is enough time for use with the top quality features that non of the listed earbuds have.

I’d venture to state that these earbuds rank among the most snug-fitting ones I’ve put to the test, surpassing even the AirPods, Galaxy Buds, and Jabra Elites.

After prolonged sessions of lo-fi tunes or even during rides, I’ve yet to encounter any instances of discomfort or irritation while wearing these earbuds.


Bose (Image credit: Amazon)

4. Bose



✓ Cozy and secure wearing experience.

✓ Lightweight.

✓ Adequate bass response.

✓ Sound profile is nicely even and adaptable.


✗ Only Use With Out Helmet.

✗ The partially open design leads to subpar noise isolation.

✗ Average performance for phone conversations.

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Review👀: SoundSport

The Bose SoundSport earbuds emerge as an exceptional choice for motorcycle riding and beyond, delivering a blend of qualities that enhance various activities.

With a comfortable in-ear fit and StayHear+ Sport tips, they ensure stability and comfort during rigorous bike rides.

Beyond audio excellence, they enable tasks like phone calls, Google Maps navigation, and even leveraging voice assistants.

The IPX4 rating ensures sweat and weather resistance, making them suitable for various conditions.

Through Bluetooth and NFC pairing connecting to devices is seamless, while the inline mic and remote allow control over volume, tracks, and calls.

(NFC isa technology that allows two devices, like smartphones and headphones, to establish a connection by simply bringing them close together, typically within a few centimeters**)**

They provide an unmatched experience for riders and active individuals, making every ride an enjoyable and connected journey.

No risk involved. The Bose Connect app simplifies device connection and switching. Customize settings for swift workouts. Utilize Tile to track misplaced headphones.

Update software via the Bose Connect app, then use the Tile app to secure your music permanently.

Final Verdict 🔍 : SoundSport

Despite lacking a heart rate sensor compared to counterpart, the SoundSport Pulse, these earbuds compensate with remarkable features.

The SoundSport earbuds also stand out with their impressive battery life of 6 hours, outperforming the SoundSport Pulse’s, 5 hours.

Their lithium-ion battery empowers prolonged usage, with a quick-charge feature for on-the-go boosts.

It can be used without helmet as using with helmet can pressurise the earbuds are turning pressure on your ear. if you want to buy as used with helmet check out following alternative:

Otium Bluetooth Headphone

However, the SoundSport pro earbuds come with a big plus or a possible downside, depending on what you need. They don’t have any wires connecting them.

This can be good because if your hair is long and curly, wires can get in the way and make the earbuds loose.

With the SoundSport, that’s not a problem anymore. You can put them in and forget about them.

Unlike the AirPods, which are a bit better than the regular iPhone headphones (which are best kept in the box), the SoundSport pro stay in place better when you move your head.


JLab (Image credit: Amazon)

5. JLab



✓ Good isolation and ANC.

✓ Comfortable.

✓ EQ presets and option for custom EQ


✗ Touch controls can misfire (It is Common Touch Problem)

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Review 👀: Epic Air

Get ready to redefine your biking soundtrack with the JLab Epic Air Sport earbuds – the ultimate ride companions that elevate your biking or motorcycle experience.

These earbuds surpass expectations, offering unrivaled playtime and versatile features that cater to your on-the-go lifestyle.

With an astonishing 15+ hours of Bluetooth playtime per earbud and an additional 55+ hours from the charging case, the Epic Air Sport ANC boasts a whopping 70+ hours of Bluetooth 5 playtime.

Engage the Smart Active Noise Cancellation for a personalized auditory journey, with three noise control modes – ANC On, ANC Off, and Be Aware.

The six microphones actively collaborate to eliminate surrounding noise, ensuring uninterrupted audio regardless of your surroundings.

Tailor the Active Noise Control settings, touch controls, and sound to match your preferences or choose presets like JLab Signature, Balance, or Bass Boost.

Experience seamless connections with Dual Connect and enjoy clearer calls with C3 Calling technology.

Final Verdict 🔍: Epic Air

Thanks to the JLab Air ANC app, customization is at your fingertips.

These earbuds transcend mere listening; they create an auditory voyage as you pedal through life.

Whether you’re riding, watching movies, or taking a call, these earbuds redefine what it means to be immersed in sound.

The inclusion of Dual Connect and C3 Calling for better connectivity and call quality, as well as the Movie Mode and Wear Detect Sensor for improved entertainment experiences, further add to the earbuds’ appeal.

  1. C3 Calling: Crystal Clear Clarity (C3) Calling enhances phone call quality by using advanced audio processing for clear and intelligible conversations, even in noisy environments.
  2. Dual Connect: Dual Connect enables each earbud to connect independently to your device. Use one earbud for calls or both for stereo audio, offering versatile options for different situations.


Jabra (Image credit: Amazon)

6. Jabra



✓ Equalizer with graphical adjustments and presets.

✓ Well-balanced sound profile.

✓ Effective noise isolation.

✓ IP57 rating for water and dust resistance.

✓ Stable fit, ideal for active use.

✓ Strong mic recording quality.


✗ Active Noise Cancellation encounters challenges with bass-heavy noise.

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Review 👀: Jabra Elite 7 Pro

Rev up your music experience with the Jabra Elite 7 Pro, a true game-changer that seamlessly merges revolutionary technology with a performance-driven design.

Whether you’re cruising on your bike or tearing up the asphalt on a motorcycle, these earbuds are your ticket to audio nirvana.

The 6mm custom speakers combined with Jabra MultiSensor Voice technology are the driving force behind this auditory upgrade.

The call quality is remarkably clear, even when you’re navigating bustling streets or open highways. But the real magic happens with the music – each note is like a symphony for your ears, thanks to the rich and powerful sound that envelops you.

When it’s time to crank up the volume, the adjustable Active Noise Cancellation transports you into a world of your own while still keeping you aware of your surroundings.

Solo riders can enjoy the Mono Mode, which boosts flexibility without compromising on performance.

With an impressive battery life of up to 8 hours per earbud and a staggering 30 hours with the case, these earbuds are built to outlast your most extended journeys.

The Jabra Sound App ensures your headset’s performance remains at its peak. With an impressive operating range of up to 10m (33ft), you’re free to move without compromising on sound quality.

Final Verdict 🔍: Jabra Elite 7 Pro

It’s not just an earbud – it’s a lifestyle upgrade that lets you savor every beat, every call, and every adventure.

The Jabra MultiSensor Voice technology takes calls to a whole new level by integrating four microphones and an advanced Voice Pick Up sensor in each earbud.

You’ll feel like you’re having conversations face-to-face, no matter where you are. What truly sets the Jabra Elite 7 Pro apart is its commitment to personalization.

The Jabra Sound app’s; My Sound technology takes your unique hearing profile into account, tailoring your music to perfection. It’s like having a personal DJ that knows exactly what your ears crave.

But the journey doesn’t stop there – the Jabra Elite 7 Pro is a versatile companion beyond the road.

Whether you’re sweating it out at the gym, navigating your daily commute, or just sinking into your favorite playlist, these earbuds elevate every moment.


TREBLAB (Image credit: Amazon)


Versatile Use for Various activities

VIEW ON AMAZONRead Customer Reviews

Review👀: TREBLAB X3 Pro

Elevate your biking and motorcycle journeys with the TREBLAB X3 Pro earbuds – a true testament to audio excellence.

These earbuds redefine your ride, offering not only a soundtrack but a dynamic auditory experience that fuels your adventures.

The ergonomic ear hook design, coupled with three sizes of eartips, ensures a secure and comfortable fit, making these earbuds the perfect companions for high-energy activities.

Seamlessly connect through Bluetooth 5.0, powered by the Qualcomm QCC Chipset with aptX, to revel in Hi-Fi sound quality that invigorates your workouts.

With a battery life of 45 hours, including 9 hours on a single charge, and rapid Type-C charging, these earbuds keep pace with your action-packed lifestyle.

Engineered with IPX7 materials, they withstand sweat and rain, making them impervious to the most demanding workouts.

The intuitive controls and cVC 8.0 mic enable distraction-free workouts and peacefull rides in the countryside and hill, allowing you to seamlessly switch between calls and your playlist without breaking your stride.

These earbuds transcend music, becoming the driving force behind your fitness journey and beyond.

Final Verdict 🔍 : TREBLAB X3 Pro

The TREBLAB X3 Pro earbuds excel as a versatile choice for bike riders and motorcycle enthusiasts, whether with or without a helmet.

The ergonomic design and multiple eartip sizes ensure a secure fit that suits both scenarios.

Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and Hi-Fi sound quality enhance the riding experience for helmet users, while intuitive controls and a built-in microphone facilitate seamless communication.

The IPX7 materials guarantee durability against sweat and rain, making them suitable for various conditions.

The X3 Pro’s extended battery life ensures uninterrupted enjoyment during long rides.

In essence, these earbuds stand out as a reliable and adaptable audio companion, enhancing rides regardless of helmet use.


SAMSUNG (Image credit: Amazon)

8. SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Live

Low Budget and Just Average.


✓ The audio stage boasts an expansive and roomy feel.

✓ Mobile devices exhibit minimal wireless latency.

✓ Fit remains consistently secure

✓ Solid build quality.

✓ lightweight and compact design enhances portability.


✗ Noise isolation performance falls within the average range.

✗ Microphone recording quality and noise management capabilities are moderate.

✗ Water resistance is relatively modest with the IPX2 rating.

VIEW ON AMAZONRead Customer Reviews

Review👀: Galaxy Buds Live

Embark on a new auditory journey with the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Live, a game-changer for riders seeking the ultimate earbud experience during bike and motorcycle excursions.

With Bixby voice wake-up support, these earbuds seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, responding to your commands with finesse.

Equipped with a trio of microphones – two outer and one inner – the Galaxy Buds Live promise crystal-clear communication, making sure every word is transmitted with precision.

With an impressive playtime of 8 hours for the buds (29 hours with the case, ANC OFF) and a talk time of 5.5 hours (19 hours with the case, ANC OFF), these earbuds are built to keep up with your dynamic lifestyle.

The Galaxy Buds Live carry an IPX2 water resistance rating, ensuring they stand up to life’s unexpected splashes and drips.

In a world where staying connected is paramount, these earbuds rise to the occasion, delivering an unmatched blend of functionality and performance

These earbuds redefine what it means to enjoy music on the move, boasting a meticulously tuned 12mm speaker by AKG that delivers a punchy bass and studio-quality sound.

With an open design, the audio envelops you in a live, natural ambiance, making every note come alive as you pedal through your journey.

Final Verdict 🔍 : Galaxy Buds Live

Aesthetics and performance merge seamlessly in the Galaxy Buds Live. Available in five captivating colors, these earbuds serve as both a style statement and an audio powerhouse.

When it’s time to focus, the Active Noise Cancellation steps in, cocooning you in a world of your chosen soundtrack while silencing the world around you.

A tap on the earbud reinstates your connection to reality, ensuring safety remains a priority without sacrificing audio quality.

We are recomending this earbud because of its secure fit design in-ear, You can Use it with Our with out helmet as well, if you want to buy Samsung buds to be more perfect in IPX rating;** Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, which has more advanced and enhanced features.**

Effortlessly keeping up with your adventures, these earbuds boast an enduring battery life that’s further complemented by a wireless charging case.

Seamlessly integrate your voice assistant to manage tasks hands-free, whether it’s sending messages or summoning your favorite tunes.



In the fast-paced world of biking, the right headphones can make all the difference in enhancing your experience, whether you ride with a helmet or without.

Among the top contenders, the Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds stand out as an excellent choice for their seamless wireless performance.

The Bose SoundSport offers a blend of comfort and audio quality that’s hard to beat. The Jabra Elite 7 Pro impresses with its innovative features like MultiSensor Voice technology, while the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live add a touch of style and practicality.

For those seeking top-notch noise cancellation, the Marshall Motif True Wireless Noise Canceling headphones deliver, while the Google Pixel Buds Pro offer a premium audio experience.

The decision ultimately comes down to your preferences and priorities, ensuring that your rides, with or without a helmet, are accompanied by the perfect soundtrack.

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