11 Best Metal Detecting Headphones 2024

For avid treasure hunters, metal detecting is an exciting hobby that uncovers hidden historical treasures. So with ll other best options having the best metal detector headphones is a blessing.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the best metal detecting headphones—essential gear for clear audio feedback and isolating valuable signals from background noise, catering to both wireless headphones for metal detectors and wired headphones for metal detectors

Can You use any Headphones for Metal Detecting?

Yes, Headphones with a 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter work for wired connections with metal detectors.

For wireless setups, it’s advisable to invest in dedicated metal detector headphones for specific metal detector.

However, some detectors may need specific headphones, making it wise to opt for compatibility.

Things Needed In Metal Detector Headphones:

  • Compatibility: Ensure headphones are compatible with your metal detector.
  • Volume control: Seek headphones with adjustable volume controls. Noise-cancellation: Essential for picking up on crucial sounds and signals during metal detecting.
  • Comfort: Prioritize comfort for extended wear.
  • Wireless capability: Match headphones with detectors offering wireless headphone support.
  • Waterproof: Opt for waterproof headphones if you intend to use them near water.
  • Brand: Opt for reputable metal detecting accessory brands like Garrett, Minelab, XP, Nokta, or DetectorPro.

List of Best Metal Detecting Headphones

11 Best Metal Detecting Headphones 2024

XP Deus II WSAII-XL (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Professional Rainproof All Terrain Wireless Headphone


✓ Wireless technology.

✓ High-speed Multi-Frequency (FMF) capability suitable for all types of terrain

✓ Impressive 20-meter waterproof certification.

✓ Resistant to rain with an IP68 rating.

✓ Effective cancellation of wind noise.


✗ Not for beginners, requires experience.

✗ Compatibility with XP Deus II (Check Compatibility by buying, if not; return it)

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Compatible with XP Deus II metal detector, the XP Deus II WSAII-XL is an exceptional choice for professional metal detecting enthusiasts who also consider season and weather conditions.

This cutting-edge, foldable, and portable detector boasts rainproof construction for handling unexpected weather changes and offers adjustable sound levels for a personalized audio experience.

The XP Deus II stands out with its revolutionary wireless technology, eliminating cord and cable hassles while enhancing freedom of movement.

Its Fast Multi-Frequency (FMF) technology ensures top-notch performance in various terrains, including underwater scenarios, leaving no treasure hidden.

Impressively, the XP Deus II’s waterproof design boasts a 20-meter depth rating, allowing it to explore aquatic environments with confidence.

Its adjustable stem accommodates users of all heights, and the detachable remote control with a convenient USB update system makes customization and software updates a breeze.


Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk
Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk (Image credit: Amazon)

2. Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk

Professional Metal Detector Wireless Headphones Kit


✓ Wireless Connectivity.

✓ Exceptional High-fidelity audio.

✓ Enhanced comfort.

✓ Compatible with metal detectors from all manufacturers.

✓ Extended battery life of over 20 hours.


✗ Headphone has a higher price point. (Buy it as kit; offers a budget-friendly option)

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The Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk Kit is budget friendly ($169) However if you buy on Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk it costs up to $107, which proves expensive.

The Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk wireless headphones are highly recommended by metal detecting experts for both enthusiasts and professionals. These headphones are popular for several compelling reasons, making them an excellent choice for treasure hunting.

Their game-changing wireless technology, utilizing Z-Lynk wireless technology, eliminates cords and cables for a seamless and tangle-free detecting experience, enhancing mobility and freedom during metal detecting adventures.

What sets the Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk headphones apart is their high-fidelity audio, delivering exceptionally clear and accurate sound to help users pinpoint even the faintest signals emitted by their metal detectors, giving them an advantage in finding valuable treasures.

These headphones excel in comfort with adjustable headbands and comfortable ear cushions, ensuring a snug and pleasant fit for users of all head sizes, even during long detecting sessions.

Volume control is included for a personalized and immersive audio experience, accommodating various preferences, whether for subtle background sounds or louder signals.

The built-in microphone adds to their versatility, allowing users to communicate while engaged in metal detecting activities, fostering camaraderie and teamwork when hunting for treasures in groups.


Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL
Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL (Image credit: Amazon)

3. Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL

Best Metal Detector Headphones for Music #1


✓ Good Sound quality with adjustable volume control.

✓ Capable of detecting faint signals.

✓ Lightweight and easily portable.

✓ Features most comfortable padding for extended use.


✗ Compatibility to Bounty Hunter metal detectors, excluding the Bounty Hunter Junior model.

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Compatible with Bounty Hunter metal detectors, excluding the Bounty Hunter Junior model. (You Can buy it and then ask for refund after seeing compatiblity with your metal detector)

You Can Buy it with Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector and Bounty Hunter Carry bag costing upto $140 (still a cheap and top option to buy)

The Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL headphones are the ideal wired choice for beginner metal detector enthusiasts. These headphones have gained popularity for several compelling reasons, making them a perfect companion for treasure hunting adventures.

One standout feature is the adjustable volume control, allowing users to fine-tune the sound to their liking, enhancing the audio experience and making faint signals more discernible, leading to more precise metal detecting results.

These headphones excel at detecting faint signals, capturing even the subtlest audio cues that standard speakers might miss, elevating the precision of the hunt.

They are compatible with Bounty Hunter metal detectors (excluding the Bounty Hunter Junior model), creating an efficient detecting system tailored to maximize the potential of your Bounty Hunter detector.

The Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL headphones balance functionality and comfort, with a small, lightweight design for extended detecting sessions without fatigue. Padded ear cushions and a comfortable headband ensure prolonged use without discomfort.

Using a 1/4-inch stereo plug simplifies the connection process and extends the metal detector’s battery life for more uninterrupted detecting time in the field.


DetectorPro Gray Ghost Amphibian II
DetectorPro Gray Ghost Amphibian II (Image credit: Amazon)

4. DetectorPro Gray Ghost Amphibian II

Best Wired Waterproof Headphone For Metal Detectors


✓ Offers increased volume compared to the original Amphibian model, all without volume control.

✓ Completely waterproof and can be submerged up to a maximum depth of 200 feet.

✓ Compatible with various metal detectors.


✗ Relatively Expensive.

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The DetectorPro Gray Ghost Amphibian II is expensive ($159.95) than the DetectorPro Original Gray Ghost ($129.95) and Detectorpro Gray Ghost Ultimate (With Volume Control) because Amphibian II is Rain or Waterproof (IP68). without Volume Control Nob and Compatible with Number of Metal detectors because of a 1/4″ angle plug.

It is Compatible with single-output metal detectors.

The DetectorPro Gray Ghost Amphibian II headphones are fully compatible with popular metal detector models, such as XP DEUS II, Nokta, Nokta Makro series, Minelab Manticore, Equinox Series, and Garrett detectors like AT PRO, AT GOLD, AT MAX, and more.

Their waterproof design is a standout feature, submersible up to 30 feet, making them suitable for land and underwater metal detecting in rivers, lakes, and along the coastline.

These headphones offer exceptional sound quality, ensuring users can detect even the faintest signals, enhancing precision. They are built for durability, with a rugged design capable of enduring various terrains and weather conditions.

Comfort is prioritized, thanks to comfortable ear pads designed for extended wear during prolonged detecting sessions. DetectorPro Gray Ghost Amphibian II headphones are versatile, rugged, and comfortable for metal detecting enthusiasts.


Nokta 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphone
Nokta 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphone (Image credit: Amazon)

5. Nokta 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphone

2.4 ghz wireless headphones for metal detecting


✓ Wireless functionality for convenience.

✓ Zero lag in headphone response.

✓ Compatibility with multiple metal detectors through a 2.4 GHz transmitter.

✓ Effective noise-blocking to enhance signal concentration.

✓ Clear and crisp audio quality.

✓ Suitable for listening to music.


✗ While not fully waterproof, it offers good water resistance.

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It is Not Water-proof you can see a waterproof with almost similar features: Nokta Makro Waterproof Headphones for Select Nokta Makro Metal Detectors. The Nokta 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones excel in multiple aspects.

Their cutting-edge wireless technology operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency, offering a cord-free experience for detectorists, enhancing mobility and comfort during metal detecting.

These headphones are compatible with various Nokta metal detectors, including the Anfibio, Kruzer, Simplex, and RACER 2, allowing users to switch between setups effortlessly.

Their fast response time ensures rapid and accurate signal detection, providing real-time feedback to pinpoint valuable finds.

Sound quality is exceptional, allowing users to discern even faint signals, crucial for uncovering hidden treasures.

Comfort is a priority, with adjustable headbands and comfortable ear cushions providing a snug fit for users of all head sizes, making extended detecting sessions manageable. The Nokta 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones offer a seamless, versatile, and comfortable solution for metal detecting enthusiasts


Garrett Submersible Headphones
Garrett Submersible Headphones (Image credit: Amazon)

6. Garrett Submersible Headphones

Best Budget Wired Metal detector Headphone #1


✓ Perfect for underwater metal detection tasks.

✓ Ensures comfort during extended metal detecting sessions.

✓ Provides clear audio quality even in noisy surroundings.

✓ Exhibits robust durability.


✗ Lacks volume control functionality.

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Garrett Submersible Headphones are a must-have for metal detecting enthusiasts, designed for both land and underwater use.

Their standout feature is their exceptional waterproof capability, certified up to 200 feet (60 meters), ideal for underwater adventures in rivers, lakes, and oceans, offering clear audio even when submerged.

Comfort is a priority, with padded ear cups providing a snug fit for extended detecting sessions without discomfort.

These headphones are highly compatible, designed to seamlessly work with various Garrett metal detectors, including the AT Gold, AT Pro, AT Max, ATX, Infinium LS, and Sea Hunter Mark II, ensuring a hassle-free experience for Garrett detector owners.

Sound clarity is crucial, allowing users to detect faint signals, potentially leading to exciting discoveries even in noisy environments.

Built with high-quality materials, these headphones are durable, withstanding the rigors of metal detecting, water exposure, and rough terrain, making them a wise and long-lasting choice for serious detectorists.


MINELAB ML 80 (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Metal Detector Headphones for Music & Games


✓ Features water resistance.

✓ Utilizes apt-X Low Latency technology.

✓ Seamless wireless connection.

✓ Offers an extended battery life.

✓ Also allows direct wired connection to the detector’s 3.5mm (1/8-inch) socket.


✗ Somewhat less comfortable for extended usage.

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The MINELAB ML 80 wireless headphones are an excellent choice for Minelab metal detector owners. These headphones offer an array of features to enhance your metal detecting experience, with a focus on performance and convenience.

Their standout feature is the wireless technology, boasting standard Bluetooth connectivity, which eliminates cables for a hassle-free detecting experience, offering greater freedom of movement.

What sets these headphones apart is the inclusion of enhanced apt-X Low Latency technology, ensuring minimal time delay, resulting in clear and accurate audio feedback crucial for hearing faint signals and subtle nuances during detecting.

Compatibility is a strength, designed for use with Minelab EQUINOX and VANQUISH series metal detectors, including Equinox 600, Equinox 800, Vanquish 540, and GPX 6000, ensuring a seamless experience for Minelab enthusiasts.

For those who prefer a wired connection, the headphones include a 1/8″ aux cable, allowing you to switch between wireless and wired use as needed.

Additionally, a black carrying case is included for convenient storage and protection when not in use.


XP WSAUDIO Wireless Backphones
XP WSAUDIO Wireless Backphones (Image credit: Amazon)

8. XP WSAUDIO Wireless Backphones

Best Backbone Wireless for Professionals


✓ Wireless.

✓ The control module is detachable and can also be connected via a wire.

✓ Waterproof design.

✓ Affordably priced at $95.

✓ Foldable for easy storage.

✓ Lightweight for added comfort during use.

✓ Equipped with a volume control button.


✗ The design may not appeal to some potential buyers.

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The XP WSAUDIO Wireless Backphones Headphone is compatible with the following metal detectors if connected wireless.

  • XP ORX
  • XP DEUS Version 6

The XP WSAUDIO Wireless Backphones Headphones are highly sought-after by dedicated metal detecting enthusiasts, offering both wired and wireless connectivity.

These headphones have earned their place in the metal detecting community due to their cutting-edge features that enhance the detecting experience.

One outstanding feature is their weatherproof design, built to withstand all weather conditions, allowing detectorists to confidently use them in any weather.

Their lightweight and foldable construction is another advantage, making them easy to carry and comfortable for extended detecting sessions without causing fatigue.

You may also like XP Metal Detectors WS6.

The detachable control module adds versatility to these headphones, allowing users to connect a wired headset if desired, ideal for those who prefer switching between wireless and wired configurations.

Volume control is easy with a dedicated button, ensuring users can adjust the volume to hear even faint signals from their metal detector.


Koss UR20
Koss UR20 (Image credit: Amazon)

9. Koss UR20

Best Compatible with Metal Detector & For Music


✓ A 1/4″ plug that accommodates any metal detector with a 1/4″ jack.

✓ An 8-foot cable, offering ample length for comfortable use.

✓ A flexible and comfortable sling headband.

✓ Effective isolation for enhanced sound quality.


✗ Lacks volume adjustment functionality.

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The Koss UR20 headphones offer a cost-effective solution for music and metal detecting enthusiasts.

Their compatibility with metal detectors is a standout feature, equipped with a 1/4″ plug for easy integration with various models, ensuring versatility without compatibility concerns.

An 8-foot cable provides ample freedom of movement during metal detecting activities, accommodating users in various positions without constant adjustments.

Comfort is prioritized with a flexible and ergonomic sling headband, allowing for extended use without discomfort, enhancing the overall experience for detectorists.

While they lack volume adjustment, their functionality in metal detecting contexts is seamless.

The headphones provide practical features, making them a compelling choice for treasure hunters despite the minor limitation.

Their low price and versatility make them an appealing option for both music and metal detecting.


Fisher Stereo Headphones
Fisher Stereo Headphones (Image credit: Amazon)

10. Fisher Stereo Headphones

Best Budget Wired Metal detector Headphone #3


✓ Delivers high-quality audio with stereo sound.

✓ Built with a sturdy and durable construction.

✓ Features a comfortable and ergonomic design.

✓ Equipped with adjustable knob controls.

✓ Ideal for enjoying music.


✗ Not match the premium quality, it offers great value for its $40 price point.

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We also Recomend to go for Califone 3068AV Stereo/Mono Headphone which is priced at just $17.

The Fisher Stereo Headphones are highly regarded among metal detecting enthusiasts, and their reputation is well-deserved due to several outstanding features that enhance the metal detecting experience.

One standout feature is the commitment to true stereo sound, offering exceptional audio quality, allowing users to perceive even the subtlest signal variations, enhancing the clarity and precision of metal detecting.

This feature greatly improves the ability to pinpoint hidden treasures.

Durability is another strong point, with a robust construction that ensures these headphones can withstand the challenges of outdoor use, including different terrains and weather conditions, making them a reliable companion for detecting expeditions.

Comfort during extended sessions is a priority, with swivel ear cups and padded earphones providing a snug fit for users of all head sizes, allowing detectorists to focus on the hunt without discomfort.

User-friendly controls include an adjustable volume knob, ensuring signals are heard with utmost clarity, while compatibility with Fisher metal detectors creates an efficient detecting system, maximizing potential for detectorists.


Garrett ClearSound Easy Stow
Garrett ClearSound Easy Stow (Image credit: Amazon)

11. Garrett ClearSound Easy Stow

Best Budget Wired for all Metal detector Headset #2


✓ Offers outstanding audio clarity.

✓ Provides a comfortable and secure fit.

✓ Compatible with Various metal detectors wirh a 1/4″ jack.

✓ Equipped with in-line volume control for convenient adjustment.

✓ The coiled cord supplies sufficient length.

✓ Suitable for enjoying music.


✗ Lacks wireless connectivity.

✗ While not fully waterproof, it does offer water resistance.

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The Garrett ClearSound Easy Stow headphones have gained acclaim for their remarkable audio clarity, comfort-focused design, and wide compatibility with various metal detectors.

One standout feature is their unwavering commitment to audio quality, delivering clear and precise sound, allowing users to detect even subtle signal variations, enhancing their ability to pinpoint hidden treasures with exceptional clarity.

Comfort during extended detecting sessions is a priority, with padded earpieces designed for comfort and convenient rotation for storage, ensuring a comfortable fit for users of all head sizes.

Versatility is another key advantage, with compatibility for most metal detectors featuring a 1/4″ jack, allowing seamless integration into various detecting setups.

User-friendly controls include an in-line volume control, providing users with the ability to fine-tune audio volume for optimal signal clarity.

The coiled cord extends to 82 inches from its initial 41 inches, enhancing mobility and convenience for users during metal detecting. These headphones offer exceptional clarity, comfort, and versatility for metal detecting enthusiasts.



Choosing the right headphones for metal detecting is a crucial decision for any dedicated detectorist. The best headphones offer exceptional audio clarity, comfort during extended sessions, and compatibility with various metal detectors.

Whether you prefer wireless, stereo sound, or brand-specific headphones, selecting the ideal pair tailored to your preferences and detecting style can significantly improve your treasure-hunting experience.

Investing in high-quality headphones is an investment in the accuracy, efficiency, and overall enjoyment of your metal detecting adventures.

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